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eBay Store Templates – Are They Right For You?

There is no question that listings with eBay store templates get more action. Buyers take them more seriously because of their visual appeal. However, this does not mean that store templates are the best choice for everyone. Smaller sellers must decide if a store template is even worth their time. The reason why is because sometimes there are occasions where it is actually better to promote one product at a time. To decide what boat you might be in, it is important to analyze not only the direction your business is headed but also the type of marketing you engage in.

eBay Store Templates

If you plan on growing your business, eBay store templates will become a necessity. Through them, you can neatly organize dozens of items. You can also use the template’s homepage to feature your most popular products. This includes discounted items. In fact, many templates come with promotional spots where you can advertise various deals your store might be running. A singular eBay listing cannot do all of these things, even if it contains a very attractive design. At most, you might be able to advertise one or two upcoming deals, but that is about it.

Marketing is another area of concern when thinking about eBay store templates. This may seem ironic to some, considering that the templates themselves are an excellent form of promotion. However, if a seller primarily relies on the auction process to sell their wares, an eBay store might actually be a hindrance. This is because eBay store products appear at the bottom of eBay’s daily listings. Singular listings are placed at the top where there are more hits. Some store owners try to get around this by using singular listings anyway, but that does not guarantee a buyer’s interest. Ultimately, if you plan on using a store template, be prepared to use alternate forms of marketing.

eBay Stores

In conclusion, eBay store templates are best for sellers who have a lot of inventory to sell. If they are only promoting one or two products at a time, they might do better with a singular listing. With singular listings, a seller gets instant traffic from eBay itself. A store offers more long-term traffic. This leads to residual income, something that is more worthwhile. Still, it all depends on what type of business you hope to run right now. A seller that periodically auctions off their belongings would not need the responsibility of a store. Conversely, a business with thousands of items to sell would need a store template just to stay afloat.

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